A Column From The Rev. Suzelle Lynch

A Column From The Rev. Suzelle Lynch

We Are a People of Creativity — Soul Matters for May

Some years ago, when my son Adlai was little, he turned to me at breakfast one morning and said, “Tell me a story!”

I began, somewhat hesitatingly, “Once upon a time… there was a big…  green…”

“Monster?” suggested my son.

“No,” I said, “it was a big green cat, and her name was ….”

“Greenie!” yelled Adlai.

“Actually, her name was Grassina,” I replied. “Because she was as green as the grass.  And she liked to hide in the grass, too.”

“Was she really, really big?” Adlai wanted to know.

“Well,” I said, “she was about as big as you are. And you know what? She didn’t have a home. Because when people looked at Grassina, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes. They would look at her, rub their eyes, and then simply look away.” And the story went on from there to include talking butterflies, a deep dark forest, and a lonely old man and woman.

It’s always been kind of like that at our house: green cats, scary forests, monsters that give advice, and people not believing their eyes. We make up a lot of stuff and play around with words, music, and pretty much anything else we can get our hands on, even though my son’s now in college.

I grew up in a family that believed that creativity is essential to the development of our full human potential and key to the deepening of our souls. That when we open ourselves to our creativity, we are doing what human beings are meant to do. And, of course, I was taught that imagination and play are part of what’s needed to be creative.

Are YOU creative? Some of us don’t think we are — but I believe every human being has the potential to be! Will you use your creativity to help me? Our Soul Matters themes for next year are ready, and the UUCW staff and I would LOVE to hear your ideas for music, sermons, activities and events on these themes.

Take a look at the list below. Play around, think of a song, a story, a visual image…  And then let me know what these themes inspire in you! (contact me via the church office)

September 2018: Vision (The practice of intentional imagination)
October 2018: Sanctuary (The practice of finding sacred space within & ensuring welcoming space for all)
November 2018: Memory (The practice of honest remembrance & honoring the shoulders on which we stand)
December 2018: Mystery (The practice of embracing life with humility and awe)
January 2019: Possibility (The practice of personal unfolding and prophetic vision)
February 2019: Trust (The practice of commitment and faith in a love that won’t let us go)
March 2019: Journey (The practice of pilgrimage, courageous growth, and patient change)
April 2019: Wholeness (The practice of repairing what is broken and knowing we are enough)
May 2019: Curiosity (The practice of moving from fear to open-heartedness)
June 2019: Beauty (The practice of savoring life’s gifts)

Blessings to you,

The Rev. Suzelle Lynch