Board of Trustees

How We're Governed

Unitarian Universalist Church West is a democratically-run organization.  Our elected Board of Trustees serves as the congregation's governing body. Board members are elected at the congregational meeting that is held annually in May. Additional congregational meetings may also be called at other times for special votes or presentations.

Board of Trustees

Our bylaws state that the Board of Trustees shall administer and manage the business of the church.


 Board of Trustees

Phil Kroner


Kurt Gaetano
Vice President


Amy Taivalkoski







Jane Browne


Vicki Brzeski


Betsy Gomoll


Larry Hawley



Kathy Herrewig


Joe Lange


 Rev. Suzelle Lynch


 Leslie Peterson



The Board usually meets at 7:00 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month. Members of the congregation are welcome to attend board meetings as observers. Each scheduled board meeting begins with a few minutes of “Open Member Input,” during which members may address comments to the Board as a whole.  The Board will not respond to or take immediate action on issues raised during this time.  If members have items they believe the Board needs to consider more formally, they can submit them to the Board President via the church office.  Board-appropriate items received at least a week in advance of a Board meeting will generally be placed on the next Board agenda.

The Board has adopted “policy-based governance” as the framework for conducting its work.  The Board delegates to the Executive Team (Minister, Board President and Treasurer) the authority for management of operations.  Oversight of programs and activities and staff supervision are delegated to the Minister.

The Board has a number of important responsibilities under policy-based governance, including:  maintaining open communication with members of the congregation; establishing policies that set the direction and expectations for the congregation's programs, activities and operations; establishing limitations on what is permissible in programs and operations; monitoring performance in how board policies are carried out.

Board members welcome your questions, comments and suggestions, and a Board Representative is available after each Sunday worship service to hear your concerns or ideas. 


All UUCW members receive a copy of the church Bylaws when they join, and whenever the Bylaws are revised.  To request a copy, please contact the church office.



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