Children and Youth

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Religious Education Program

In the Religious Education Program we guide children and youth in the liberal search for truth and meaning.

  • We explore the world’s religious traditions.
  • Children develop their own spirituality rooted in Unitarian Universalist values.
  • Social justice education and opportunities help our young people identify their place in the world.
  • A sense of belonging is built via classroom community and worshipping together.
  • Families of all kinds are affirmed and receive support to help children develop healthy minds and spirits.
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Youth Groups

Our core youth program for high school students provides experiences in community building and fellowship, worship and congregational engagement, social action, UU values, and leadership.

Middle school youth engage in a Coming of Age program, and learn the value of putting their faith into action. We also offer units on gender bias in the media, and the comprehensive sexuality education program, Our Whole Lives.

Course Descriptions

Infants and toddlers are nurtured by consistent, loving caregivers in a warm, child-friendly environment.

Using engaging story books and hands-on activities, children learn about the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles and explore the values they represent.

Fun and friendly, the highest quality picture books illustrate some of the main themes in Unitarian Universalist identity. Relating back to the UU Principles and Sources, teachable moments introduce our faith, and children respond with a variety of engaging options that appeal to all learning styles.

Our own curriculum provides a humanist and liberal interpretation of the most famous Bible stories that children come across in all aspects of American culture. We stress the moral themes of love, forgiveness, and justice that inspire our Unitarian Universalist faith. Multiple response options allow creativity, role-playing, interactive games, and reflective projects.

Embark upon a spiritual journey from childhood to adolescence. Using the symbolism of the compass, we explore our most ultimate beliefs and values, UU faith and heritage, and importance of social justice. The year culminates in writing a faith statement and creating a worship service for the whole congregation.

Explore oppressions in our society while cultivating personal growth in those values that are tools for justice. Stories, role-plays, games, and several service projects during the year bring home the value of faith in action. We also explore units on gender bias in the media in order to confront negative stereotyping of women and men in our society.

Our core youth program for high school students provides experiences in community building and fellowship, worship and congregational engagement, social action, UU values, and youth-led sessions exploring the monthly Soul Matters themes.

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This Sunday in Religious Education…

Rainbow Connection: Pre-Kindergarten

“Don’t Interrupt!” Today we begin learning about our sixth UU Principle, “We believe in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world,” as we explore the value of fairness and taking turns. We read the storybook Interrupting Chicken, make an interrupting chicken stick puppet, and do a chicken dance.

Picture Book UU: 5K – 2nd Grade

“Spring Equinox.” Today we learn about various types of spring festivals from many traditions around the world. We celebrate the cycle of the seasons, dance to wake up the earth, and make egg crafts.

Bible Tales and Legends: 3rd – 5th Grade

“Healing Power.” This first session in our unit on the teachings of Jesus illustrates that in his ministry to the poor, sick, and oppressed, Jesus is said to have performed some amazing healing. Everywhere he went, people followed Jesus to hear his teachings and to be touched by his loving power. We hear some of Jesus’ most famous healing stories, learn about the power of positive thinking, and make cards for someone in our community who needs our healing care.

Coming of Age: First Service, 6th – 9th Grade

“Transitions.” This week our compass turns east as we explore the circle of life, in which every beginning leads to an ending, and every ending leads to a new beginning. Today’s session explores change as growth. We experience a “Breaking out of Our Cocoons” exercise and reflect upon some transitions that occur in our own lives.

Call to Justice: Second Service, 6th – 8th Grade

“Self-Awareness and Relationships.” Using clips from the documentary film The Mask You Live In, we consider how boys and men can create healthy self-concepts and positive interpersonal relationships despite the presentation of hyper-masculinity in much of modern media. We create Whole Me Lanterns to shine light onto those things and ideas that help us to feel whole.