Committees & Teams

Committees and Teams are UUCW’s heart and hands.  They organize volunteers to do the work that makes our congregation lively, spiritual and fun.  Anyone can join most committees (a few are elected by the congregation or appointed by the Board), but only members can chair them.  Most meet monthly, and would welcome you to a meeting to explore their work further.  Check the West Wind newsletter calendar for committee meeting dates, call or email the contact persons listed below.

Adult Faith Development

The Adult Faith Development Council, along with the Minister and Director of Religious Education, coordinates and promotes the overall program of opportunities for adult exploration and deepening of our faith at UUCW. The group assists with arranging and promoting classes and programs that support personal spiritual development, foster awareness and appreciation of diverse religious practices, deepen our sense of community, and explore the everyday manifestations of our Unitarian Universalist faith. For more information contact Maria O’Connor, Director of Religious Education, or see the Adult Spirituality page.

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Art Gallery

The Art Gallery team arranges for art shows in UUCW’s community room art gallery.

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Assistant Minister Advisory Committee

The advisory committee acts as a sounding board for ideas and conduit for feedback from the congregation to the Assistant Minister and aids the Assistant Minister in carrying on an effective ministry by being available to her/him for counsel. It also assists in the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Renewal process.

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Board of Trustees

Unitarian Universalist Church West is a democratically-run organization. Our elected Board of Trustees serves as the congregation's governing body, and according to our Bylaws, the Board administers and manages the business of the church. Board members are elected at the congregational meeting that is held annually in May or early June. Additional congregational meetings may also be called at other times for special votes or presentations.

Campus Committee

The Campus Committee ensures the repair, maintenance and enhancement of all UUCW properties, including land, equipment and furnishings.  See informational page written by Chris Zamzow.

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Coffee Team

Our Coffee Team arranges for volunteers each Sunday to make and offer coffee, tea and juice after worship services.

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Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry is a Board-appointed committee which works with our minister to monitor the relationship between all aspects of our congregation’s ministry with the aim of cultivating high-quality ministry to fulfill the congregation’s mission.

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Common Ground Core Team

Create a volunteer base of UUCW members who are involved in local issues in the community through Common Ground, a non-partisan organization of 40+ schools, congregations, neighborhood groups, nonprofits, unions and small businesses.

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CommUUnity Connections Committee

The CommUUnity Connections Committee provides a the helping hand of tangible services like meals or rides for members and friends in time of need.

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Earth Ministry

The Earth Ministry Committee (a subgroup of the Social Action Council) works to affirm and promote the “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” (the UU seventh principle), and provides ways for UUCW members and friends to live sustainably and help our wider community do so as well.  For more information, contact Amy Taivalkoski or Dennis Briley, or see the Living Our Values page.

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Endowment Fund Committee

This committee is elected by the congregation to facilitate gifts, bequests and memorials to UUCW, and to manage our Endowment Funds and disperse earnings on an annual basis.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with our Treasurer to arrange for safekeeping and accounting of church funds; to propose our annual budget, and to do current and long range financial planning; as well as monitoring expenses and collection counting teams.

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Fourth Sunday for Food Coordinator(s)

Every month food is collected and donated to various food pantries chosen by congregation members.

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Global Justice & Peace Task Force

Plan and implement activities in the church which help provide education and action around issues of peace and justice. We promote church member participation in community activities and form partnerships with other local peace groups.

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Greeter Team

Greeters serve at our east and west doors before each worship service on Sunday to give a warm welcome to newcomers and members alike.

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Guest House Coordinator

Coordinate UUCW’s participation in providing meals at Guest House on a regular basis.

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Guest House Volunteer

Provide meals for a homeless shelter through donations and service.

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Habitat for Humanity

Church members volunteer to help with Habitat for Humanity projects.

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Interweave West Team

Interweave promotes the inherent worth and dignity of all, as it provides a safe place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to gather in celebration of our diversity. By offering support, education and outreach to each other, our congregation and our larger community, Interweave West fosters proactive movement beyond LGBT tolerance to advocacy.

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Lay Pastoral Care Team

The Lay Pastoral Care team works with our minister to provide a ministry of hope and caring so that no member of the congregation need suffer or struggle alone through life’s hard times.  Positions on the team open for application on a regular basis, and training is provided.  For more information, contact the Rev. Suzelle Lynch, the Rev. Lori Hlaban, or see the Lay Pastoral Care page.

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Library Committee

The Library Committee maintains the collection of books, magazines and audio-visuals relating to the church and its activities and operates a book exchange cart.

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Long Range Planning

Create a strategic plan for the congregation. This committee forms approximately every five years to review the previous plan and create a new one from congregational input.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works with the UUCW Membership Coordinator to lead orientation classes for newcomers, facilitates involvement of prospective and current members, supports retention of members, and maintain records of members and friends.

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Memorial Service Assistance Team

The Memorial Service Assistance Team is a group of volunteers whose mission is to assist the minister and grieving families in creating a meaningful, dignified, and supportive memorial service.  The Team is called upon to help by the Minister or the Administrative Coordinator after the family has asked for support with the Memorial Assistance.  The Team provides assistance with logistics and tasks and to help find additional volunteers to serve at the service.  For more information contact the church office.

Music Committee

Assist the Director of Music in offering a wide variety of musical events and opportunities during worship services.

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Nicaragua Brigade Leader

Conduct biannual trips with our partner organization, Bridges to Community. Recruit brigadistas, prepare for the trip, and lead the brigade.

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is elected by the congregation to nominate candidates for UUCW offices. For more information, contact Rob Zimmerman.

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Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee ensures that basic practices and procedures related to employed staff are established consistent with UUCW Bylaws, applicable state laws, and the values of our UU faith.  For more information, contact Mike Taylor.

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Religious Education Council

Assists the Director of Religious Education in guiding our religious education program for children and youth. Council members participate in vision and goal-setting, curriculum planning and evaluation, and multigenerational community-building opportunities. For more information, contact Kristen Tym or Kathy Bradshaw, or Maria O’Connor, Director of Religious Education. 

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Social Action Council

The Social Action Council promotes, facilitates and coordinates congregational input into UUCW’s social action agenda.  The Council has six subgroups or task forces, each with their own projects:  Earth Ministry, Economic Justice Task Force, Global Justice and Peace Task Force, Habitat for Humanity, Interweave West, and Nicaragua Brigades.   The Social Action Council also oversees the Social Action Endowment Fund, and the Split The Plate outreach giving program.  For more information, contact the church office, or see the Living Our Values  page.  

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Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee helps encourage and develop a spirit of generous giving in church our church, and assists the Board and the various committees of the church in the stewardship of resources. The Annual Operating Fund Canvass is a subset of this committee.

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