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CommUUnity Connections Committee

Goal of Position

Our goal is to help members help one another, by providing a way to offer practical short term assistance to members in need. We work to ensure that all members and their families do not "fall through the cracks," especially those less well-connected or active in the community. More information about the committee.

Sample Activities

Coordinator: Coordinators serve on a monthly rotating basis, connecting volunteers with members in need of specific kinds of assistance.

Volunteer: Volunteers provide various types of short term assistance, as needed/requested by a coordinator.


  • Length of Commitment: Coordinators are asked to make a 2 year commitment.
  • Estimated Total Hours: Attendance at meetings every other month is requested from Coordinators.
  • Scheduling: Commitment for volunteers is on an “as available” basis.


Coordinator: Ability to communicate and manage volunteers, serve as primary point of contact between volunteers and members needing assistance. Ability to respond with caring, sympathy and concern.

Volunteer: Ability to provide assistance and to respond with caring, sympathy and concern. Various services volunteers can offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving as a regular ride to church for a senior member of our community on a driving team
  • Temporary driving, like running an errand or providing a ride to a doctor’s appointment
  • Preparing or providing a meal for someone in need, e.g., after a hospitalization
  • Providing short-term pet care
  • Yard work or household tasks
  • Other temporary help “as needed”

Reports to

Assistant Minister


  • Fun meetings!
  • Deeper involvement with the church, greater connection with other members.
  • Opportunity to give back in a way that accommodates various schedules.
  • Helping to promote community within the church.
  • Great satisfaction from helping others.



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