Passionate Core -- Ministry Themes for 2014-15!

Passionate Core is our overarching Ministry Theme for 2014-15. It has to do with what's at the center of our Unitarian Universalist faith and our church.

Passionate Core is like the molten core of our beautiful planet earth - glowing, alive, full of power. Our Passionate Core is the locus of our authenticity, our compassion, and our identity: it drives our deeper engagement with our UU faith, our personal inner journey, and with the blessings and challenges of the wider world.

With Theme-Based Ministry, we explore in depth a different theme each month through worship, music, stories, written and web resources, and programs for children, youth, and adults. Below are some thoughts about each of our monthly Passionate Core themes.

September: Quest

Every human being is on a journey, a spiritual quest, a lifelong voyage of growth through which we seek the answers to life's great questions. To quest is to follow our path, to use our powers of reason and intuition to find our own individual answers, and to find those answers tested by our life's experiences.

October: Memory

Memory is the key to our identity. Our history - personal and congregational, connects us to communities of hope and promise, brokenness and healing. The history of our Unitarian Universalist faith is a kind of collective memory through which we understand how our identity as a religious people developed and continues to grow and change.

November: Interfaith

Unitarian Universalists have a long history of inquiry into the world's religions and collaboration with people of other faiths. Our Transcendentalist ancestors studied translations of Hindu scriptures and found there a reflection of their own ideas and longings about God. As adherents of a pluralistic faith, we believe there is power in working together across lines of difference and much to be appreciated in the beliefs of our religious neighbors.

December: Love

Love is the gospel our Universalist ancestors taught -- a broad, inclusive love, embodied as compassion, that left no one behind. Giving and receiving love is one of the most powerful practices of our UU faith.

January: Roots

Christianity - heresy - a faith that is chosen, not dictated. These deep theological roots inform who we are and what we do as a church.

February: The Possible Human

What does it mean to be fully human, fully whole? Our heritage of Humanism reminds us that growing in wholeness, and enabling others to do so, is a core mission of our faith.

March: Prophetic Imperative

Working for justice is a calling we cannot ignore -- the urge to do whatever we can to help our world be more peaceful, fair and free for all. How shall we follow this calling? How can you let your life speak for justice?

April: Earth

To be a Green Sanctuary congregation like UUCW means a commitment to creating a sustainability that is joyful and encompasses all aspects of life: the planet, relationships, our health, our work, and our values. Sustainable living is not about our material comfort, it is about choosing to live in a way that acknowledges the interdependent web of all life, builds relationships, and rejects material consumption as the sole determinant of happiness. We recognize the earth as source and inspiration!

May: Embodiment

We pride ourselves on our ability to think and reason. But is there room for the body in our faith tradition? Incarnating our faith with joy -- bringing our bodies into worship -- and embodying our values within and beyond the church walls -- let's explore!

June: Peace

To practice peace invites us to learn the ways of non-violent resistance, forgiveness, and restorative justice, among others. Our Jewish friends, neighbors and members know the Hebrew word "shalom" as a state of being beyond peace-as-serenity or the absence of violence - a peacefulness that nurtures community and respects the dignity and integrity of each person.

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