50th Anniversary Quilt Dedicated

01mandala.jpgOur wonderful new Anniversary Quilt created by our UUCW PieceMakers Quilting Group in honor of our church’s 50th Anniversary was hung in the Sanctuary and dedicated by the congregation on Sunday, April 15, 2012.   

The process of creating the Anniversary Quilt began in the summer of 2011 when the PieceMakers group brainstormed a list of different activities and events in the life of our congregation, both current events and some from our history.  Different group members then chose from that list and created the individual squares that make up the quilt.  After the squares were created, they were assembled into the design, and then quilted together.  Binding the quilt and devising a way for it to be displayed could then take place.  A poster describing each square and naming its creator is displayed with the quilt, and the congregation is looking forward to enjoying its beauty here in the sanctuary on an ongoing basis.  During the ceremony, Rev. Suzelle Lynch expressed gratitude to the PieceMakers for their creativity and generosity, and invited all participants to notices the ways in which UUCW is becoming more colorful, a symbol of important changes the congregation has made in recent years.

Jan Sandretti, who coordinated the Anniversary Quilt project, said, “First and foremost, our quilt was a community effort, created by many hands.  The creativity expressed in the squares is truly extraordinary -- and far surpasses anything any single individual could have made.  When you do a group project like this, you get to know each other in new ways, and everyone grows. It was such a pleasure to work with these absolutely clear-minded, charming, expressive and supportive women.”

These words of dedication were spoken by the congregation during the ceremony:  “We celebrate the beauty of this 50th Anniversary Quilt and we honor the artistry and caring with which it was created.  May it be a joyful reminder of the blessing of community, the path we have walked together, the heritage we have shared and the promise of our Unitarian Universalist faith and values.”  PieceMakers, we thank you for the wonderful, creative gift of this quilt.  We look forward to enjoying its beauty here in the sanctuary for the many weeks and months ahead. 

The following members of the PieceMakers group generously gave materials and labor to create the Anniversary Quilt:  Susan Endes, LaVerne Ferguson, Loretta Hernday, Karen Huth, Sandy Johnson, Carolyn Lawrence, Sharon Middleton, Eleanor Neal, Carolou Nelsen, Dorothy Ann Phinney, Laurie Ryan, Jan Sandretti (Project Coordinator), Karen Van De Loo, Sharon Van De Loo, and Melanie Weston.

See more images of the quilt and quilt making process.



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