Earth Day 2012


Main Message: We take care of our own patch of Earth including the church property

Pull Garlic Mustard! Each plant has 600 seeds and the seeds can lay dormant for 5 years, so this will be an ongoing battle.

Saturday Morning May 5th – GET THE BUCKTHORN! Mark your calendar

Homemade cleaner recipesGarlic Mustard Recipes

Wow! What a great Earth Day weekend we had!

Kathy B. Offers up Education and Garlic Mustard Pesto



50-60 people showed up to help clean the river at Kruger Park in Elm Grove on Saturday!

At least 150 people walked over to the east property after services and pulled garlic mustard! Over 15 HUGE garbage bags full were collected! Amazing how much can be accomplished if every one of us just does a little! I think people actually had fun too, and did not just do it for the free donut. A special thank you to the YRUU group who was really going at it and stuffed several bags by themselves!

You may have noticed that the labyrinth had some dandelions in it as you walked or you may have noticed the golf hole had weeds growing on the green (sacrilege to a golfer), and you may have seen creeping charlie around the Peace Pole. Feel free to pull these or any other weeds on the east or west property anytime you want! No one lives at church, so who is going to pull these weeds? As Antonio, our second service volunteer, said, "All of us".

As mentioned at the service, Buckthorn, the "bully" weed, is being targeted on Saturday morning May 5th. While a professional has very generously offered to take a chainsaw to all the heavy duty buckthorn for us, it is up to the rest of us to drag it into neat piles and also to dig out LOTS of buckthorn seedlings (they are tough little buggers). Imagine what we could do if we get even 1/4th as many people as today!? Buckthorn has plagued UUCW long enough; lets get it all out in one morning! Put May 5th on your calendar.

Many people thanked me personally for the fun Earth day activities, but there were many other people who helped plan, worked behind the scenes, arrived early to set up, and staffed the activities today.

  • Pete & Gail Overholt and Kurt Gaetano - coordinating and running the River Cleanup.
  • Julie Toman - making up homemade cleaners and offering education and free samples in the community room. Recipes will be on the UUCW website.
  • Julieann and Kurt Gaetano - organizing and staffing the recycling table for cell phones, batteries, cfls, and athletic shoes, and getting it all to the recycler.
  • Carol Lawrence & the library committee - bringing all the library books and dvds on environmental issues up to the community room and staffing the table.
  • Helen Klimowicz - coordinating and staffing the outdoor coffee/juice service with a big smile.
  • Cal Gander - helping with the outdoor coffee service and lifting and hauling things.
  • Kathy Brenner - Staffing the garlic mustard station and offering samples of garlic mustard pesto (recipe to be on the uucw website). Getting the labyrinth ready by raising up stones.
  • Dennis Briley - Relentlessly pushing us to get rid of garlic mustard and coordinating today’s collection.
  • Jerry Strom - Organizing and staffing the "Pace off" activity and lifting and hauling things.
  • Melanie Weston - Staffing the Labyrinth.
  • Moses Misplon - staffing the golf hole and making sure no one got injured by a golf club wielded by an enthusiastic toddler. Working to get the labyrinth ready.
  • Melissa Minich & YRUU - Picking up the donuts and staffing the donut table (and pulling garlic mustard!)

    Again, many hands make a light load.
    Amy Taivalkoski
    Earth Ministry Chair



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