Do Black Lives Matter? The Hidden History Behind Today’s Headlines

Do Black Lives Matter? The Hidden History Behind Today’s Headlines

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A free public lecture series by Mr. Reggie Jackson about the history and current impacts of the devaluation of Black lives, sponsored by Black Lives Matter to WI UUs (BLM2WUU). Mr. Jackson, who has been head griot to America’s Black Holocaust Museum, is an engaging speaker, known for his ability to connect history and current realities. You won’t want to miss this opportunity for in-depth learning about the history you never heard in school, but which shapes our society today and affects every one of us in very different ways. Suitable for youth in middle and high school. Childcare available with pre-registration. Invite your family and friends.

Dates/Times: Saturdays, 10/13, 10/27, and 11/13 from 10 to 11:30 am (attend any or all)
Place: Parklawn Assembly of God, 3725 N. Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee – parking behind church.

Program details and childcare registration at Share the Facebook event:

October 13th – Devaluation in the Political System
How has the legal and political status of Blacks evolved through history from slavery to citizenship, voting rights, civil rights, and the current assaults on those rights?

October 27th – Devaluation in Science and Medicine
How was the science of eugenics used to support slavery and segregation and how does it influence us today? What do we now know about multi-generational trauma resulting from the devaluation of black lives?

November 17th – Devaluation in the Justice System
What legal methods of control kept African Americans in slavery for 250 years; what are the current repercussions? From night riding, lynching, and race riots, how did the current relationship between the police and Black community evolve? What accounts for the racial disparities in rates of incarceration and the death penalty?

“UU Deeper Dive Dialogues” with Reggie Jackson offers further exploration of the above BLM lecture series topics: The dialogues will be held on the afternoons of lecture dates. Join Mr. Jackson and local UUs to further your understanding of the realities of black history and white supremacy. Childcare and carpooling is available. Sign up in the Community Room after services or contact Ann Heidkamp via the church office.