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Water Communion — What’s it All About?

Water Communion at UUCW is on Ingathering Sunday, September 9 at both services (9:15 and 11:00 am).

Why do we hold the Water Communion each year? Well, as science tells us, all life comes from water. Life on our planet earth started in the ocean and evolved from there into its many amazing forms. We also know that every living thing needs water — from the tiniest plant to the great blue whale. And our human bodies are about 60% water!

In other words, water connects us to all living things, and in the Water Communion Ceremony, it connects us to one another.

For Water Communion, you’re invited to bring a little water to church on September 9 that symbolizes some aspect of your summer’s experiences. During the early part of the services that day, each person pours their water into a common bowl. As these waters become one, we’re reminded that at UUCW, we are one strong community.

At UUCW, we take water seriously both spiritually and environmentally. We know that all the water we will ever have is already present on the earth right now and that without water, there can be no life. That’s why our Water Communion isn’t just a ceremony of re-gathering our community, it’s also a call to action on water-related issues.

If there’s a water-issue you’d like us to highlight this year, please be in touch with Rev. Suzelle Lynch via the church office.