Pledge Drive

UU Church West is inspiring, warm and welcoming, caring, spiritually nourishing for all ages, and passionate about making our world a better place. It’s a community that shelters us and challenges us to live our valuesa home for our souls that welcomes all comers! During our Annual Pledge Drive, we take time to reflect on what UU Church West means in our lives, and then we embrace it by making a financial commitment to support it.

Here's what people are saying – and what our members' generosity makes possible:

  • The church has given so much to our family—religious education, a feeling of community, sermons that challenge and inspire us.
  • The love, support, and encouragement I have found here has been a life sustaining elixir.
  • UUCW challenges me not only to define what I believe in and value, but to live accordingly!
  • Right away I felt at home.
  • UUCW remains a light when frustration, cynicism and despair threaten to darken our views of the world.
  • It’s a religious community in which the worship needs of people of every age are respected.

Read more about why our members give so generously

How to pledge

See photos from our 2016 Pledge Breakfast Extravaganza

What does UUCW use the money for? We take pleasure in knowing that our church makes a difference in the lives of our members and in the lives of so many people beyond our congregation who are touched by our good work. Your financial pledge and contributions support:

  • Worship services and music programming
  • Religious education for children and teens
  • Social Justice work and community outreach
  • Faith development, learning and fellowship opportunities for adults
  • Facility operations and maintenance
  • Mutual, supportive relationships with Unitarian Universalist organizations across the denomination

Download the 2016-17 Financial Snapshot

The 2016-17 Financial Pledge Drive runs February 28 - March 31, 2016.

The bottom line is simple: the 2016-17 Pledge Drive Goal is 3% higher than what was raised last year—and we are asking everyone to give as generously as possible. Why do we need our members and friends to give more than last year? Because our operating costs have increased. UU Church West has generous givers at all giving levels, and we also are fortunate to have a number of members who give large sums to the church. But it's not healthy for any organization to over-depend on a few big donors. We know that if everyone gives a little more, we can fund the full Operating Budget.

How to Make Your Pledge

  1. On Sundays—stop by the Pledge Drive table in the Community Room to fill a pledge form throughout March 2016.
  2. Call the church office and leave a message on the confidential voice mail of Sonya Williams, or speak to her directly. You may also email her. Contact information is in the footer of this page.
  3. Download a 2016-17 Canvass Pledge Form—simply fill out the form and drop it in the mail. Or bring it to church with you any Sunday through March 31, 2016, or during weekly office hours Tuesday-Friday.

Commonly Asked Questions About Pledging

How much should I pledge?
Your pledge amount is like an investment in your spiritual community. Consider the importance of this church in your life. UUCW exists solely on the generosity of its members; all of us share in keeping our spiritual home sound, secure and influential in the world. What value do you ascribe to being challenged to be a better you while being accepted for who you are? To teaching our children tolerance, compassion and spiritual values we agree with? To finding the sense of energy, deep meaning and belonging that UUCW provides? The average amount needed to sustain a robust church is $1,400 per individual adult member. Click here to see the UUA's "suggested giving guide."

How much do others pledge?
Members are encouraged to pledge 3 to 5 percent of their gross income. Actual pledges range from $50 to $30,000. The Finance Committee estimates that to meet the real financial needs of the church each member needs to pledge about $1,400 (or $2,185 per household). The 2016-17 Financial Snapshot can tell you more.

Is giving money to the church the same as pledging?
Giving money and pledging are both needed, though they are different. All financial gifts are gratefully received, but only pledges are reflected in our spending forecast. When you pledge, you make a forward-looking commitment, and an acknowledgment of the worth and value you place on UUCW. With financial pledges, the church knows how much income it will have and can plan for programs and activities.

I’m worried my financial situation will change this year. If this happens, can I change my pledge?
Changing financial circumstances are a fact of life and UUCW is no stranger to this concern. If your circumstances change, simply contact the church office and indicate the adjustments in your pledge (down or up) that need to be made. This is a simple and confidential activity. If the possibility of worsening financial circumstances are a great concern to you, please pledge the minimum amount you are comfortable with rather than not pledging at all.

How do I pay my pledge?
We strongly encourage members to sign up for monthly auto-pay through their checking accounts to keep a consistent flow of income for the church. Download an auto-pay form here. Many members place a check in the offering basket on a weekly or monthly basis. If you pay with cash, be sure to indicate your name on the offering envelope so your account is properly credited. Some members pay by mail and others by stock transfer—you may contact the Treasurer (via the church office) to arrange for this kind of payment.

Who can I call if I still have questions? 

For more information about pledging, please contact Administrative Assistant Sonya Williams in the church office—all pledge conversations and voice mail messages are kept strictly confidential.


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