Food & Environmental Justice

Food & Environmental Justice

Unitarian Universalist Church West Social Action for 2010-2011

Food. It’s pleasure, culture, family, and nourishment. Food is politics, economics, environment, art and fashion. Some people in our world enjoy many food choices while others remain hungry. The food industry produces wealth, yet small farmers and farm workers are often abidingly poor. We like getting good bargains at the grocery store and when we’re out for dinner, even though we know that food manufacturing and transportation contribute to environmental and social problems. Food – it’s beautiful, complicated and delicious!

Our all-church Social Action Theme for 2010-11 is Food and Environmental Justice –
Join Our Team and Get Involved!

We’re a diverse group of people at UUCW – children, teens, young adults, and regular adults – but this is an issue every one of us can get involved with. For food is something we all encounter every day. Food and Environmental Justice work can provide a way for us all to be part of creating effective strategies to address two of our world’s biggest problems: social inequality and environmental destruction.

The Food and Environmental Justice Planning Team, headed by Carmen Tracy, needs your help and support. Contact Carmen

From September 2010 to August 2011, We'll fill the calendar with inspiring and educational opportunities, including Food and Environmental Justice events and workshops, based on monthly themes.  We will highlight current issues such as food distribution injustices, water conservation, impacts from commercial farming, workers rights and many more. Please be a part of our planning team. We need you!

Events already held this year:

  • In October we hosted Nourishing Community, Creating Sustainability – A Family-Friendly Festival of Learning and Action on Food and Environmental Justice.  This included "A Soulful Meal with Anna Lapp√©", who is author of “Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It,” (2010)



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