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Meditation Garden

The Meditation Garden is composed of a collection of native prairie and woodland plants and provides a peaceful setting for reflection. Located next to the west parking lot and west entrance sidewalk, it contains meandering pathways and several benches. The Earth Ministry Committee assists with the coordination of maintaining and nurturing this garden. Kathy Brenner and Sarah Frey lead this group.

Garlic Mustard Removal

Each spring when plants first begin to appear, the invasive plant garlic mustard shows up on UUCW’s property. Volunteers join in our annual battle to control the garlic mustard from taking over our part of the territory. While we have extensive growth of garlic mustard on our property, we have gained control on the area south of the church building and made progress on the east property. Some sections of the east property still have strong concentrations of the plant.

This video provides excellent information on the garlic mustard topic.

Plan to greet the spring by joining in this endeavor. Watch for announcement that it is time to begin UUCW Garlic Mustard pulling. This is an activity that you can do any time the weather and your schedule permits; along with others or solo.

Air Quality and Asthma

The We Energies electric power generating plant located in the Menomonee valley currently operates under an expired air permit. Meanwhile, Milwaukee has one of the highest asthma rates in the country. Community groups have launched a petition drive advocating for cleaning up the plant emissions and are looking for wider support. The Clean Valley Coalition website is

Is this an environmental justice issue important to UUCW? Earth Ministry Committee suspects it may be. The more specific question is whether we have people who would like to become involved in and lead our participation in addressing this issue. Earth Ministry committee members are up to their eyeballs addressing other issues. If this subject appeals to you, or if you would like more information, contact Dennis Briley.

How many people in the greater Milwaukee area do you know that are afflicted by asthma?

Waukesha Trend HomeWaukesha Trend House Tour - 2009

In 2009 the Metropolitan Builders Association constructed a model home in Waukesha to demonstrate trends in green building home construction, featuring energy and water efficiency, solar electric power, solar hot water heating and more. This Waukesha Trend Home was toured by members and friends of UUCW in January of 2009.  Click to see pictures from the pictures from the tour.

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