Mission and Vision

Unitarian Universalist Church West Global Ends

Global Ends describe broad goals or visions -- they tell us the kind of church we aspire to be and are in the process of becoming.  The Global Ends below, and the summary statement that precedes them, were finalized by the UU Church West Board of Trustees on March 24, 2011. 

Come as you are – leave inspired!

At UUCW we welcome you into a caring spiritual community where you are free to seek your own truth.  Together we grow through uplifting worship, learn from many kinds of wisdom, and work to build a better world.  Join us!

Global Ends for an Inspiring Church

Caring Community

We experience warmth, hospitality, welcome and support.  Our religious community fosters meaningful and respectful relationships among people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our welcome reaches beyond the congregation to include people from all walks of life.

Uplifting Worship

We connect with a larger meaning and purpose in our worship services.  Our worship life is diverse, joyful, multigenerational, and personal; it involves our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies, and inspires us to reach for our best selves. 

Building a Better World

We work actively to eliminate oppression and create a sustainable, just, peaceful and compassionate world in partnership with other organizations and congregations, as well as among ourselves.  Our worship, spiritual life and caring community encourage and equip us to do this work.  We share the good news of our faith and promote Unitarian Universalism in our wider community.

Growing Spiritually From Many Kinds of Wisdom

We are encouraged to seek our own spiritual truths.  Our lives are enriched by learning our Unitarian Universalist faith and practices.  We grow by sharing ideas from wisdom both sacred and secular.

Sharing Ministry

We embrace an ethic of service through our shared ministry.  We joyfully answer the call to minister to one another and to the world, and we engage in shared leadership of our congregation.

Embracing Responsible Stewardship

We share our time, talents and money generously to care for our church and its staff and facilities and for causes beyond our congregation that help us live our values.

UUCW Mission

Unitarian Universalist Church West is a congregation of adults, youth, and children diverse in identity and beliefs. We strive for honest, caring relationships that inspire and enable spiritual and ethical growth. We promote religious freedom and engage in a shared search for personal and collective meaning. We serve our larger community and wider world by practicing compassion and working for justice. Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 15, 2007

UUCW Vision: 2012

We are pleased to share the Vision 2020 Long Range Plan, the outcome of two years of dedicated work by the UUCW Long Range Planning Committee, with broad input from the congregation. This plan is intended to direct the future path of the church within the context of the Global Ends developed by the Board in 2011.

As you review the plan, remember that because specific dates suggested in the plan were set some time ago, many of these dates will change as the implementation of the plan begins this fall.  Also, as with any good plan, this is intended to be a living document. We will follow the “Plan-Do-Check-Adjust” method as we implement it. In addition, we have already made progress on some of these goals.  

You can view the plan in a new browser window OR download the plan from the Lay Leadership page. If you have questions or comments after reviewing the plan, please contact any member of the Board of Trustees.  



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