Reflections from the Board

Reflections from the Board

Kurt Gaetano, UUCW President

As I write this we are approaching the end of our church year, and the advent of summer is here. Everyone at UUCW is busy trying to wrap up the loose ends of the current church year and prepare for the New Year to come. We are all shifting our personal focus from the routine of the cold and drear of winter and early spring to the promise of the warm summer. Planting season is here, and lawns and gardens need tending. The end of the school year is coming, and families will soon have to shift from the school year routine into the planning mode for the summer activities and arrangements for the children. College students are finishing up for the year and will be out looking for summer jobs and opportunities for de-stressing from the rigors of their colligate studies.

The metamorphosis is upon us; like a caterpillar emerging from its chrysalis, we are transforming into the graceful butterflies that will float on the summer skies on a gentle warm summer breeze. The cycle of our lives evolves and continues as we adapt to the cyclically changing environment in which we live.

A lot has happened for us personally and as a community. We have had another great year together and UUCW continues to provide the framework to help us live our beliefs here, and out in the greater community. We have the Build 2020 project getting underway and we will be making a lot of positive changes to UUCW’s infrastructure in the coming months. We have gained several new members in the last few months. And, as often is the case we have had some members leave us as family situations change and some of us need to react to our individual circumstances.

We will soon bid farewell to Maria O’Connor, who has directed our Religious Education Program for many years and has nurtured many of our youth and no doubt, some of your own children. She has helped shape a whole new generation of our youth and prepared them to find their place in the world as Unitarian Universalists.

We will also bid a fond farewell to the Rev. Joyce Palmer who has helped us to grow and enriched our lives in many ways in the past few years. She has touched many lives and we will not forget her.

I am sorry to see both of them leave, but they both have family situations that call them to be a blessing to their own families and they are answering that call and doing what is  right for their families. They have been a blessing to us all and we are very fortunate to have had time with them and we will miss them dearly.

It is only human nature to get used to the way things are when times are good and assume that it will always be that way. We assume that the people we love will always be with us and that nothing will change that. In reality, the great ebb and flow of life continues all around and through us. People and situations change and there is no guarantee that those we love and care for will always be there for us or that we will always be able to be there for them. We are all here “on loan” and our time is not unlimited.

As our church year draws to a close and we transition into the relative leisure of the warm summer months, I hope you will have a great summer, and revel in the beauty and wonder of the great out-of-doors. Let us also remember what a blessing the world itself is to us, and what a blessing other people are to us, including our wonderful congregation. And let us strive to truly appreciate the time that we have together.

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