Reflections from the Board – July

Reflections from the Board – July

David Feil, UUCW President

With Solstice about a week away as I write this, the days are approaching their longest length, providing large amounts of sunlight to spur the rapid growth of all things green. In the seasons, we are in transition from spring to summer. At UUCW we are also in a time of change. The church calendar year turns over with the annual meeting of the congregation, at which we elect new members to the Board of Trustees and other committees that lead, organize and run the various ministries of our church. In this transition of seasons, we see changes we might not look forward to, such as the combination of the heat and humidity that is the Wisconsin summer, but we also get joyous changes, like beginning to see the fireflies in the yard or the opportunity to go camping. At UUCW we might not be looking forward to the departures of Rev. Joyce Palmer and of our long-time religious educator, Maria O’Connor, but at the same time the fireflies of the Build 2020 remodeling have come out.

For me personally, this transition of seasons means moving from being the Vice-President of our Board to being the President. I’m not yet sure if this is a joyous change or one I am not looking forward to, but either way, I am honored to serve this wonderful congregation. For those who may not know me, I would like to introduce myself briefly in this column. My wife, Shawn Kalloway, and I have been attending UUCW since the fall of 2001 and have been members since early in 2002. At the time, we were pregnant with our oldest (Kathryn) and seeking a spiritual home. The morning we chose to attend for the first time was punctuated by the announcement of the initial bombing of Afghanistan. With 9/11 still fresh in our minds and the fact that the country would now be at war clearly outlined, the opening song of the service was John Lennon’s “Imagine.” If that alone did not convince us to return, Sam Schaal’s sermon and his common Benediction line of “Remember you haven’t just been to church, you are the church,” had us ready to be a part of this community. We have two children, Kathryn (16) and Alex (15) and have been involved in the religious education program since those early days in the nursery. Alex is now back in the nursery, working. In addition, we have had an AFS exchange student from Germany since last August, and in this season of transition, she will return home shortly after the Solstice.

Professionally, I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Carroll University in Waukesha and look forward to bringing my academic perspective to the UUCW Board. Personally, I enjoy crossword puzzles, camping, gardening, and am an avid soccer fan looking forward to the World Cup this summer.
I’ll end with a few reminders. If you have questions or concerns pertaining to UUCW please share them with a board member. We always have a representative of the board available for conversation after the service, and the other board members present are always willing to chat. There is also the opportunity every month for open input at the Board meetings. Lastly, as we transition into our own individual summer attendance routines, perhaps attending more sporadically, remember that pledged contributions can be automatically withdrawn from your bank. This might help avoid forgetfulness that sporadic attendance might increase.

NOTE: At the Annual Meeting, Heather Bartlett, Jeanne Jarecki, and Scott Shulick were elected to the Board of Trustees. Scott was elected by the Board as its Vice President. Leslie Peterson will continue as Treasurer (ex-officio Board member).
Continuing on the Board are Jane Browne, Kathy Herrewig, and Kurt Gaetano, whose terms expire in 2019. Also continuing are Vicki Brostrom and Melanie Weston, whose terms expire in 2020.

Cycling off the Board are Phil Kroner, who will continue as chair of Build 2020, Amy Taivalkoski, and Vicki Brzeski. If you see these three, please thank them for their years of dedicated service!

Contact David and the Board of Trustees via the church office.