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Unitarian Universalist Association

UU Church West is proud to be a member congregation of the Unitarian Univeralist Association (UUA).  Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is an individual entity.  The UUA, our national organization, is an invaluable resource to us, but does not give directives to individual congregations.

The UUA represents the interests of more than one thousand Unitarian Universalist congregations, with 200,000 members and their children in North America.  It provides services and resources to congregations.  The UUA grew out of the 1961 consolidation of two religious denominations: the Universalist Church in America, organized in 1793, and the American Unitarian Association, organized in 1825.  For more information, see www.uua.org

MidAmerica Region UUA
UU Church West is part of the MidAmerica Region of the UUA, which includes nearly 200 UU congregations in parts or all of these states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.  For more information, visit http://www.midamericauua.org/

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is a human rights organization that is independent from the Unitarian Universalist Association, but which works hand in hand with Unitarian Universalist congregations and individuals to advance economic justice, promote environmental justice, defend civil liberties, and protect the rights of vulnerable people in humanitarian crises.  UU Church West proudly supports the UUSC through its annual Guest at Your Table program, and encourages our members to join UUSC and support its work.  For more information, visit www.uusc.org

UU World Magazine

The UUA publishes the quarterly UU World magazine in behalf of its member congregations, which provide free subscriptions as a benefit to their voting members. (Others may also purchase a subscription).  The magazine descends from a long line of Unitarian and Universalist publications going back almost two centuries: Universalist Magazine was founded in 1819 and the Unitarian Christian Register in 1821.

UU World’s mission is to help its readers build their faith and act on it more effectively in their personal lives, their congregations, their communities, and the world. To this end, it strives to be not only informative but also useful, provocative, and even prophetic.  For more information, visit www.uuworld.org.




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