UU Wellspring Month is Here!

UU Wellspring Month is Here!

Here at UUCW, May is when we register for Wellspring groups to begin in fall…this will be our seventh year!

UU Wellspring is a deep commitment to wonder and discovery. The program is a 10-month spiritual journey shared with a small group of others, who seek information and guidance to deepen personal understanding and foundational beliefs. The UU Wellspring experience draws from UU History, Principles and faith Sources as inspiration.

During May, there will be a table each Sunday in the Community Room, staffed by UUCW members who have completed the program. They’ll assist you to register for the fall groups and invite you to enter a wonderful raffle! Other “Wellspringers” will be greeting and serving coffee. They’ll be wearing blue ribbons on their name tags…ask them about their experience! Information is also available at the UU Wellspring website: www.uuwellspring.com.

For more information, please contact Patricia D’Auria via the church office.