UUCW Continues Shift to Digital Communications

UUCW Continues Shift to Digital Communications

Outside of the church, think about where you get your news. Most likely, TV, websites, Facebook, and emails come to mind. UUCW is in the process of changing its media focus to match where our members look for information. We are dedicated to communicating church news in formats that offer the best value:

  • Weekly emailed newsletter (E-news) and the Sunday Announcements insert easily adapt to changing information and church calendars, saving UUCW time and money.
  • Digital formats offer photography and color graphics that are expensive in print media.
  • Social media platforms (Facebook) reach a wider audience.
  • Electronic publications offer a greener option and don’t consume paper, ink, and postage.

The West Wind may now look different, but it will continue as a monthly publication.

Improve Church Communications

Take this moment to evaluate your personal communication preferences. You can improve your church communications and reduce your impact on the environment. Tell us your communication preferences for financial statements, weather alerts as well as the West Wind newsletter. Go to http://tinyurl.com/uucwgreen to complete a brief form.

We appreciate your patience during this time of transition.