UUCW Food Pantry Supports Trailer Court Residents

UUCW Food Pantry Supports Trailer Court Residents

Anyone who has read Matthew Desmond’s book Evicted knows about the unjust conditions in trailer courts on the far south side of Milwaukee. Renters who are behind on the rent are evicted and their property hauled to a storage shed or put out at the curb.

In 2015 Desmond was awarded a MacArthur “Genius” grant. He lived at a trailer court for a month, associating with other renters, and getting to know a landlord husband and wife who spent months in the Caribbean, making $1 million by paying upkeep of $600,000 on the trailers and by pocketing $400,000 each year. The renters needed to choose between paying rent or buying food.

Three UUCW members will take an assortment of as much food as possible to residents of a south side trailer court. They did the same in July of last year and were much appreciated by the three families they contacted. The $100 check presented also will be used for food.

Please be as generous as you can with non-perishable items. It is hoped that this project can turn into a permanent activity, funded by the Social Action Council.

For information about any food pantry donations, contact Ellen Newbauer or Melanie Weston via the church office.