UUCW Presents Annual Awards for 2018

UUCW Presents Annual Awards for 2018

The Annual Trustees Awards are given to individuals or groups who took action exhibiting excellence, initiative, and commitment or enhanced the life of the congregation, or who represented our congregation in the community in a manner that had definable results or outcomes.

The first Annual Trustees Award was given to Helen Klimowicz for encouraging spiritual practices including Wellspring and Meditation. Helen was nominated by Carla Roden.

“Helen has participated in and co-facilitated Wellspring groups. She organized and facilitates the meditation group.  She coordinates the monthly rotation program for Earth Ministry. This year she took the lead in organizing the Earth Day family activities including a scavenger hunt and the nature circles. She has danced at various special services, she does coffee service volunteering and just brings joy with her contagious smile and joyful spirit.”

The second Annual Trustees Award was given to Ellen Newbauer for coordinating the Food Pantry Collections. Ellen was nominated by Kathy Schwei.

“In her own quiet way, Ellen has led the Pantry Group for several years.  She does this reliably and earnestly, with compassion and a heart of service. I appreciate her reminders to buy a few extra items for the pantry box on Sunday mornings. Behind the scenes, she arranges for people to select pantries and to deliver the food to them.  She quietly goes about looking out for others.”

The third Annual Trustees Award goes to Ron Trilling for developing the New Website. Ron was nominated by Rev. Suzelle Lynch.

“Ron Trilling has been on our Web Team for YEARS, and is the primary architect of our new website. He also did a lot of work on the multi-media presentations for our 50th Anniversary, and the video to launch the Build the Vision Capital Campaign. He has his own business — Mediadynamics — and he’s been wonderful in sharing his gifts and skills with UUCW!”

The Long Term Service Award goes to an individual who has exhibited, over time, commitment to a service or project, or for an individual who contributed to multiple activities or projects over a significant period of time.

The Long Term Service Award for the 2017-18 church year goes to Amy Taivalkoski for her dedication to Sustainable Living Practices. Amy was nominated by Almuth Soffee on behalf of Earth Ministry.

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving! She’s done soooooo much over the years. UUCW became a Green Sanctuary in 2004, and since then Amy’s dedication kept the church moving forward to be a beacon of sustainable living practices for its members and the community. Amy’s commitment is evident around our church, in the installation of solar panels, rain water cistern, low flow toilets, LED lighting, bottle water filler, even the new bench by the church entrance. With her leadership, Earth Ministry has educated the congregation and community through classes, movies, and the Cool Choices program. We have all become more mindful of our consumption and encourage others to do the same.”