UUCW Religious Education Program 2018-19

UUCW Religious Education Program 2018-19

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Course Descriptions 2018 – 2019

RAINBOW ROOM (both services pre-kindergarten)
Celebrating Me! Celebrate the wondrous qualities of children and the animals, objects, and people around them. We focus on the five senses, children’s abilities, nature, animals, families, and our church home.

PURPLE ROOM (both services kindergarten-grade 2)
Hide & Seek with God: Weekly stories present diverse images of the spirit of love and mystery that some people call God. Through insights from the world religions, feminist studies, science, and human experience, children discover and express their own ideas of ultimate mystery, values, and meaning.

ORANGE ROOM (both services grades 3-5)
Hogwarts UU: In a magical classroom full of potions, charms, care of magical creatures, herbology, and defense against the dark arts, we live into our UU values of wonder, diversity, love, justice, and friendship. A unit on Popcorn Theology explores themes and values important to living our UU faith through clips from popular movies.

BLUE ROOM (first service grades 6-8)
Call to Justice: Explore oppressions in our society while cultivating values that are tools for justice. Stories, role-plays, games, and several service projects during the year bring home the value of faith in action. We also explore gender bias in the media in order to confront negative stereotyping of women and men.

BLUE ROOM (second service grades 6-8)
Neighboring Faiths: Explore the worship practices of our own and other religions. Using videos, internet explorations, stories, and activities, we discover the spirituality and worship practices of other religions, highlighted by exciting visits to the worship services of different faith groups to meet and interact with our neighbors.

YRUU – Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (second service grades 9-12)
Our high school program provides experiences in community building and fellowship, worship and congregational engagement, social action, UU values, and youth-led sessions exploring the monthly Soul Matters themes and other topics of importance to our youth and their world.

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