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thinkers and doers.

We cherish people of all ages, abilities, racial, ethnic, class, and faith backgrounds, and people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, too.

This Sunday

Both presidential candidates say they are fighting to save the soul of America.  But what is that soul, and what kind of shape is it in?  Does it need saving? The Election Sermon is a time-honored UU tradition - this year, expect to find challenge and [...]

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Sunday Face-to-Face Worship Services have been suspended.

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LEAP 2020!

Sermon Podcast

Samhain was the ancient Celtic New Year -- a time in the Wheel of the Year for final harvest, and preparation for the coming cold and darkness. The veil between worlds became thin at Samhain, offering increased communication with ancestors, and a view of the future. [...]

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Saturday, October 31st

Election Day Stress Relief!

Tuesday, November 3rd

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Who is UU Church West?

At UUCW, we are dedicated to putting our Unitarian Universalist faith into action to help build a world that is peaceful, sustainable, just and free from racism and hatred.

Make a Difference!

Community warmth, welcome and support are important at UUCW. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to learn, play, or volunteer, our groups will allow you to share your unique gifts as you build lasting connections. Pastoral support is available from our ministers and well-trained volunteers.

Friendship and Support

In Religious Education, our children and teens explore the world’s religious traditions and our UU values. They grow into their own dogma-free faith and learn to help build a better world for all living things. For adults, our lifelong learning focus provides spiritual and intellectual development in lively or meditative small groups, workshops, and activities.

Learn & Grow!