A message from Laurie Boddie, Board of Trustees President

Many thanks to everyone for your tremendous support in passing both of our recent motions during the Special Congregational Meeting on October 25th to adopt the 8th Principle and to engage in the work of Dismantling White Supremacy culture within our UUCW community. Motion #1 to adopt the 8th Principle received an overall vote of 94 in favor, 4 abstain, and 6 against; and Motion #2 Dismantling White Supremacy Culture received an overall vote of 105 in favor, 2 abstain, and 1 against.

We would not be at this point without the steadfast work over the past two years of Ann Heidkamp, Karen Zimmerman, and the entire Social Action Committee. We owe all of you our deepest gratitude for the amazing amount of effort and the time commitment that you have devoted to this part of the journey!  From here the journey and the work going forward are truly our work.  It will take the vulnerability, humility, learning, dialogue, continued commitment, and action of every single one of us to continually transform ourselves, our UUCW community, and our broader world.  I can’t imagine a better community to be a part of as we continue this vital work!

Yours in the journey,


Frequently Asked Questions About the 8th Principle Resolutions