At its August 27, 2020 meeting, the UUCW Board voted to call a congregational meeting on October 25 to consider two resolutions from Social Action Council regarding our work to become a more inclusive and welcoming congregation by working to dismantle white supremacy culture with UUCW, and to endorse the proposed Unitarian Universalist Association’s 8th Principle.

The resolutions are below, and you can read more information about the rationale and background for each of the resolutions on hereThe Social Action Council will provide more information and provide listening sessions where members can ask questions beginning in October.

If you have questions, please contact Social Action Committee Chair Ann Heidkamp, or Committee member Karen Zimmerman.

Resolution 1 – Adding a UUA 8th Principle
UUCW supports the addition of an 8th Principle to the current UUA Principles calling for “Journeying towards spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

Read about the background and reasons for this proposed 8th Principle.

UUCW support, along with that of other UU congregations, will help advance this proposed 8th Principle, as written, for discussion and amendment by UUA committees and the General Assembly before it comes to a vote, as provided for in the UUA By-laws. The UUA principles are meant to be a “living document” to be regularly reviewed and updated as needed.

Resolution 2 – Commitment to Beloved Community by Dismantling White Supremacy Culture at UUCW

Recognizing that the congregation made a commitment to dismantling racism through the support of the Black Lives Matter movement, UUCW commits to continue this work by dedicating ourselves to examining and dismantling white supremacy culture* within our congregation. We do this in order to become a more inclusive, welcoming, and beloved community.

To continue this work, we will engage in education, dialogue, and community discussion within the congregation about how white supremacy culture*, manifests itself in and impacts our congregation.   We also ask the Board, Committees, and staff to examine their policies and practices, and to make recommendations for implementing changes that reflect a community dedicated to inclusion and combatting oppression in all its forms.

Read about the background and reasons for this resolution of commitment and some of the UU and racial justice resources it draws on here.

Questions?   Contact Social Action Committee: Ann Heidkamp, Chair, or Karen Zimmerman, committee member.