Hello UU Friends:

Greetings from my couch. Thank you to everyone who is checking on me, sending texts, and letting me know you are rooting for my ankle healing. The surgery went well but the recovery is long. The first week my pain got under control after a few days but I was re-casted on Tuesday and managing the pain has been very difficult since. My doctor has ordered me not to go anywhere for a week as she wants me to move as little as possible. I will be coming to your Sunday service from a video this week. It all has given me new appreciation for all the ambulatory abilities I have and more compassion for people who don’t have the ability to move as they desire. Not being able to walk and put any weight on this foot is dreadful. I have crawled down the stairs a few times when I needed to let the dogs out and no one was home to help. It has helped me to recognize my privilege in being able to move and walk. I know it is a privilege that I expect this only to last for a few months.

Not being able to walk, has left me longing to hike by the lake and be in nature. I did receive some flowers from a friend and I have been drawing those to satisfy my pathetic spiritual practice. My spiritual reminder to you this week is to make sure your practices that renew your spirit include ones you can do in all sorts of circumstances. Attached is the flower drawing I have been working on. My goal is to get my body back to a place where I can swim again.

I send you so much love.

Reverend Denise