At Winter Solstice, though the nights are long, they are full of blessings and gifts.  Though our culture says that the darkness is scary, we know that there is magic in the dark, born in the quiet hours.

In early December, a Winter Solstice ritual kit was mailed to each UUCW household.  It contained a folded piece of paper that says, “A Gift from the Darkness.”  That small folded paper is meant to be opened during the 12/20/20 service – and it represents a gift from our Winter Solstice meditation journey.

If you did not receive a Winter Solstice ritual kit, you may still find your gift from the darkness by going to A Gift from the Darkness. Spin the wheel and your gift from the darkness will be revealed.

In the dark our deep inner knowing glows. In the warm, embracing darkness our souls are renewed.  May the mysterious darkness bless us as we salute the sun’s return!