Dear UUCW,  

Let’s take a huge sigh together. Ahhh…the holidays.  

It’s my 2nd winter holiday season with you, and as my time here begins to wane, I can’t help by wax nostalgic. In these short 17 months, we’ve built relationships of trust and vulnerability, courage and accountability, challenge and understanding. You’ve been incredibly generous with me and I’ve grown very fond of you. I love being on the journey with you. Yet this particular shared ministry will pass; other holiday seasons will come and go. More solstices and musical celebrations and candlelight services will be shared. The earth continues to spin, and the seasons continue to change; we are forever waxing and waning. 

Here’s the mystery and the magic. While we can both see what’s passed and imagine what’s to come, all we ever truly have is the present moment and the presence of a universal love that will not let us go. Being in the moment is to rest into the assurance that what we have now was created by what came before, and what we create now will impact what is to come. The work of this congregation is simply to exist in love and in turn to love the hell out of the world. That is enough and that is everything.   

At this time of gift-giving, I’d love to gift you with everything you need to carry you through the coming transitions and into the next season of UUCW’s life. Except. I can’t give these things to you. You already have them. You know how to share the ministry; do more of that. You’re great at working toward a community with Love at the center; keep doing that. You have everything you need to create more joy, to grow spiritually, and to do justice. You can lift each other up, share the burdens, celebrate life, and build a community where all can experience belonging.  

So. Just be here now. Be together. Experience the wonder of all that’s changing and the anticipation of what’s to come. Remember that everything you need is right here. Show up. Share meals. Share ministry. Share life.  

Whatever’s on your wish list, in true Universalist fashion, I believe those things will come to you! You are, each and every one, worthy of being surrounded by ‘all good gifts.’  

Just remember to put these things on your list too, and then help to make them so.
Love. Justice. Joy. Peace.
For all.  

May your holidays be bright and may the new year bring surprising blessings!
Rev. Jullan