Grounded in love, UUCW is a joyful community
committed to spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice.

“Love is the power that holds us together and is at the center of our shared values”, calling us to live with compassion. We are transformed by love and rest in the assurance of its presence.

We intentionally “cultivate a spirit of gratitude and hope.” Our joyful community is enlivened by caring for one another and nurturing right relations in a spirit of cooperation. Joy comes from a sense of belonging and being seen, and from our lives being nourished through communal activities, meaningful worship, and spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is the foundation of our participation in congregational life. Together we discern our place in the world through a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We experience life in terms of relationships — with ourselves, each other, the natural world and with all which lies beyond us.

We are a welcoming, multigenerational congregation, diverse in culture, experience, and belief, celebrating the “inherent dignity and worthiness” of all people. We commit to empower and enhance “everyone’s participation, especially those with historically marginalized identities.” When each person flourishes, our community flourishes.

“We work to create a diverse multicultural Beloved Community where all thrive. We commit to dismantling racism, white supremacy culture, and all forms of systemic oppression. We support the use of inclusive and transparent democratic processes to make decisions.” We work to secure the rights of marginalized individuals and groups. We covenant to protect the Earth and all living things in the interdependent web of all existence.

Quoted text comes directly from the UUA’s proposed revision of Article II, Section C.

What We Do

We put our Unitarian Universalist faith into action through projects that serve human needs and by addressing important issues like racism, homophobia, and the environment. Adults, teens and children work together to help make the world a more just, peaceful, and sustainable place.

img_0426-copyCongregation members get to know each other and build community through fellowship groups, learning groups, and spiritual practice groups. Adult classes and events also allow people to share their unique gifts and interests, while building lasting connections.

73363b0f-8348-4b20-a28d-5267897d5708Our Religious Education program guides children and youth as they explore many kinds of truth and meaning. At the core of the program is a deep respect for each child’s curiosity and understanding, and opportunities to learn to care for one another, for others, and for the earth.
In worship, we sing and reflect, and hear music, stories, and wise words from diverse sources both sacred and secular. We learn and laugh together as we address life’s puzzles, unpack the issues of the day and share inspiration to help move the world towards justice.

Church Members Say…

My church friends were a tremendous emotional support for me during a hard time and it was so great to know I would always have a place to go where I would be accepted no matter what.

Betsy Gomoll

I firmly believe that you cannot develop your faith in isolation. We need community. We need to be able to discuss and challenge our beliefs. We need to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that is out there. UUCW offers all of this in a safe and caring environment.

Eric Hoaglund

This congregation makes me a better person. It keeps me from being lazy about my values and about working toward making changes in things that I think need changing. I come as I am, and I really do leave inspired by all the efforts of so many different people here.

Kathy Schwei