The third and final Action for Immediate Witness (AIW) affirmed by the 2023 GA is Organizing for Health Equity. Attacks against abortion rights, gender-affirming care, and programs for the very young and old combined with the impact of systemic racism, pandemics, poverty, and other issues have raised awareness about the need for health equity. This AIW is nurturing partnerships at the international, national, and local levels to secure personal and social wellness with justice for all people.

At the international level, congregations are being asked to study the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations programs that promote health equity and justice. UUs are being invited to celebrate Human Rights Day in December. At the national level, this AIW is calling for advocacy for equitable programs for paid family and medical care leave, a strong Social Security program, organization of labor unions, and support for a single-payer system of medical and long-term care insurance. At the local level, congregations are being asked to work together with local community organizations for health equity, emergency preparedness for weather-related events, access to family planning services, mental health, and health and safety education.  As the 2023 Farm Bill is being prepared, communities are being asked to create a Farm Bill that works to distribute healthy food. For more information on this AIW:

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GA Delegate
Karen Zimmerman