We Love Our Chili-Makers! Here are five more chili-makers who are fine-tuning their recipes for veggie, white, and traditional chili. Read their stories of cooking inspiration.

Contestant David Feil – “Dave’s Chili”
Cooking history: “I’ve enjoyed cooking and baking since I was quite young. I grew up in a family interested in trying different foods. While my parents were obviously influences in my love of cooking, so were food TV shows on PBS and later cable.”
Chili story: “It started as a recipe in a book and has evolved over the many years to our family tastes. It currently does not resemble the original recipe all that much. ”


Contestant Eileen Gleeson -“Greek Chili”
Cooking history: “Although I helped a bit in the kitchen as a kid, my cooking really began when my mother gave me the cookbook “From Julia Child’s kitchen” when I was a French major in college. Although Julia is my idol, my cooking has expanded far beyond the traditional French repertoire and many other inspirations. My current obsession is NYT Cooking.”
Chili story: “I love cooking dishes from all over the world, including many different kinds of chilis. This Greek chili is from a recipe I found in the Milwaukee Journal many years ago. Although not very traditional, it is a huge family favorite and easy to whip up for a group.”


Contestant Mike McCrossin – “Whoknows yippee-ki-yay Chili”
Cooking history: “Well, there isn’t much history to my cooking except that I like to eat. First cooked a meal for myself back in the winter of 1975 while watching football, in Detroit. It was there that i decided my future mate needed to be able to cook.”
Chili story: “The chili I am going to make is based on the chili i remember my mom made. We’ll see.”



Contestant Julie Gaetano – “The Garden’s Chile”
Cooking history: “I don’t care for cooking but I will make chili or bake for a fun event. ” 
Chili story: “My chili story is that I have been suspicious of what ingredients are used in my family chili cook-offs. Made my own to be sure that I could comfortably enjoy a bowl of chili at those family events.”



Contestant James Kroner – “North Avenue Chili”
Cooking history: “I’ve been been a serious home cook for about 10 years. I love cooking because it is a great blend of art, science, and soul. My dad is my biggest cooking influence.”
Chili story: “I grew up watching my dad (Phil Kroner) cook amazing stews and chilies in the kitchen. For years I have been trying to replicate his magic. My recipe is inspired by my Dad’s incredible (and award-winning) beef chili with my own special twist!”