I have had a sinus infection this past week. I canceled my in-person meetings. Two of you found out about it and dropped soup off this week. I can’t tell you how amazing it was, to sip soup, that I didn’t make, while trying to care for myself. The love and care bolstered me. Can you think of a time that happened to you?

Most people who seek pastoral care, CommUUnity Connections, and candles of support, choose to keep them private. Only about 10% of what is shared with me is authorized to share with the larger congregation. I have noticed lately, more people saying that their problem isn’t big enough, bad enough, or awful enough to merit resources, or attention. I get it. Most of us don’t want to be a bother. Maybe we don’t want to appear weak? Perhaps it is innate in our survival of the fittest to handle what we can alone.

The purpose of a congregation is to build us up, to strengthen us, and get us ready to be the best people we can be as we poise ourselves for justice endeavors. If we spent all our energy surviving and healing, nothing is left to share.

Pain is no contest. The sorrows you hold are not bigger or more significant than mine. We all carry pain and trauma. We all endure hard things. We could decide to huddle in our separate abodes doing the best we can to care, or we can reach out. We can ask to share our pain. I encourage you to share. Please ask your community for care and support. What you receive will help you to share that kind of love with others.

As always, email me when you have a joy or concern, a rose or thorn to share.

Rev. Denise