Split the Plate is one of UUCW’s programs of outreach and generosity. Each month we give half the undesignated offering monies to a worthy cause as a way to help us live our Unitarian Universalist values and serve our community.

Our Split the Plate partner for April is Hope Center of Waukesha.  Hope Center has been providing the basic needs of financial assistance, food, clothing, and appliances in Waukesha County for more than thirty years. Their mission is to prevent chronic poverty and homelessness.

Take John for example.  John was homeless, and stayed wherever he could—with friends or shelters when possible. He became aware of Hope Center through other Center guests. After an initial registration at the Center, John was able to obtain food and clothing. Shortly after, a part-time janitorial position become available and John was hired. John is still employed and has an apartment within walking distance of Hope Center. With the assistance of Hope Center and a renewed self-confidence and determination, John is back on his feet. When others have asked John about Hope Center he always responds, “I love that place” and never hesitates to encourage others in need to visit.

Support given at a crucial time in a person’s life can help prevent or arrest a downward spiral which too often ends in chronic poverty and homelessness.  Whether it’s a meal at their Outreach Meal Program or Day Center, “like-new” clothing from their clothing shop, or financial aid, at Hope Center all is provided free of charge and delivered in a respectful and welcoming manner.

What started in 1987 as a small group of pastors from Waukesha County has grown into a mission supported by area congregations, local businesses, and individuals.

To support Hope Center of Waukesha any time this month, go to the UUCW website’s “Donate” tab and select “Split the Plate” from the menu provided. For more information about Hope Center of Waukesha, visit their website. For more information about Split the Plate, contact Kathy Herrewig.