We’re all excited about our new minister and looking forward to the important work of Interim Ministry.  UUA advises us that a Transition Team is one of the key components of the Interim Ministry process.  Would you consider nominating yourself or another to be a part of this team?

What does the Transition Team do?
UUA tells us that it’s important to have a specific group of members who have no other agenda than to assist the Interim Minister and congregation as they both seek to use the time between settled ministers effectively.  The members of the Transition Team will advise and consult with the Interim Minister on a regular basis and be available to hear the comments of members of the congregation.

Here are two UUA links to transition ministry information if you’d like to review them:



Who should consider being on the team?
Descriptions of the Team suggest that every member of the congregation should find at least one member of the team with whom they would feel comfortable talking about the congregation and its future.  Therefore, we’d like to put together a diverse group of 5 – 7 people who are trusted and have committed to our congregation and its future.  Here are some additional criteria (from UUA):

  • Willingness and ability to invest the necessary amount of time
  • Acceptance of the general principles of an Interim Ministry
  • Sense of creativity and openness to change
  • Diversity of age, gender, length of membership
  • Able to “Speak the Truth in Love” to the Interim and other members of the congregation
  • Willing and able to listen to all persons and perspectives without becoming defensive or anxious
  • Including at least one person from the congregation’s governing body

What are the responsibilities of the Team?
Team members will meet regularly with Rev Julie and provide advice and guidance to the entire interim process.  The Team will need to organize to accomplish their tasks, which probably means selecting a chairperson (or co-chairpersons), setting dates for meetings, and keeping all members informed and up to date.

Would you be interested in being on the Team or do you have a good idea about who else might be a great candidate?  We need different perspectives, so both long-term and short-term members are welcome, as well as members who represent different committees and interests of the church community.

Send your name to Jeannie Baker.  Jeannie will be collecting the names, but the final selection of the team will be by the BOT.