The UUCWs Art Task Force is gearing up to showcase some new artwork as they continue their activities following the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent group reorganization. The committee consists of Eddee Daniel, Carolou Nelsen, Stephanie Richardson, Pat Rierson, Jan Sandretti, Kelly Bognar, and Rev. Julie. In keeping with their commitment to anti-racism, the task force has hired Fatima Laster, owner of Five Points Gallery. She has spent considerable time viewing UUCW’s current art collection and the available spaces for presentation. Stay tuned for some lovely changes in our spiritual home.

About our Consultant:
Fatima Laster is a self-taught interdisciplinary visual artist, curator, and owner-operator of 5 Points Art Gallery + Studios. With a Black American vantage point, Laster’s independent and communal practice broaches social-political subject matter (i.e. racism, sexism, classism, cultural appropriation, housing/land appropriation also known as “gentrification”, etc.), producing resistance art imbued with humor or irony in an attempt to disarmingly reveal rejected or overlooked perspectives and people.

Laster’s 13-year exhibition history includes being a selected artist in the Museum of Wisconsin Artists’ 2022 Biennial and currently working towards the 2023 Nohl Fellowship group show and a solo exhibition in 2024. Laster was also awarded the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s first-ever Guest Curator position for the 2022 Wisconsin Triennial. Through her social art and curatorial practice at 5 Points Art Gallery + Studios, Laster’s proprietary neighborhood funeral home turned mixed-use art space, close to 40 exhibitions have been executed and nearly 100 artists have been collaborated with within the gallery’s short 5-year lifespan.

5 Points Art Gallery + Studios, housing a formal gallery, gift shop, artist work studios, artist residencies, and culinary arts kitchen, serves as a haven and hearth for exploration, collaboration, professional development, and business expansion in the visual, performing, culinary and varying other art genres with a focus on increasing representation, access, and equitable opportunity for artists of color and other marginalized demographics. Learn more about 5 Points.

Upcoming Exhibit
“Enough Too Fly Solo” – March 1st through April 28th, 2024
Opening Reception: Fri. March 1, 2024, 6-9p (CST); Artist Talk: 7p (CST)
5 Points Art Gallery, 3514 N Port Washington Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212
This is the first-ever solo show for artist, curator, and 5 Points Art Gallery + Studios owner, Fatima Laster.

Also on display is “If Only You Knew: Messages Through Abstraction,” a 4-person exhibition, featuring new abstract artwork by Fatima Laster alongside national artists: Chuck Johnson, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, and Pedro Vélez.