Everyone has a need that differs from the next person. When you visit UUCW, your comfort is important to us. When you’re comfortable, you feel welcome and included.

With this in mind, an Assistive Resource Center has been added next to the hymnal case in the East foyer. This self-serve station offers:

  • Large Print Order of Service and Hymns – Large print Order of Service and Announcements will be available as well as large print copies of the hymn(s) being sung that Sunday. This ensures that everyone can fully participate in the service.
  • Assisted Listening Devices – Devices (ALDs) are available to help individuals better hear the service. There are three styles to choose from, including the hearing loop system that works with hearing aids and cochlear implants. These devices enhance sound quality, making it easier for individuals with hearing impairments to understand what is being said during services. Each device allows you to control the volume. Instructions are included in each bag.

Take a look at these additional resources that UUCW offers that might help you feel more comfortable. Once your needs are met, ask others if there are any accommodations that would be helpful for them.

  • More Accessible Parking Spaces – Additional marked spaces for people with handicapped-accessible stickers were recently added to the east parking lot.
  • Wheelchair – There is a wheelchair available on the main level under the coat rack. This wheelchair is there to help anyone struggling that day, in the winter to help someone into the building, or in an emergency when someone needs to be transported to the entrance.
  • East Entrance Handicap Button – On Sundays and special events, the handicap button located at the east entrance is enabled. This allows people that need assistance with the door to press the button so that it opens automatically.
  • Elevator – Our new elevator gives access to nearly all levels of our building. This ensures that individuals with mobility impairments can easily navigate the church and participate in all activities.
  • All-Inclusive Accessible Restroom – On the main level there is an all-inclusive accessible restroom available for use. This restroom is designed to accommodate any gender or non-binary individual or people that have a physical disability. It also contains a baby-changing station.
  • Scent-Free Soap – The restrooms on the main level are stocked with a choice of scent-free soap for those that have sensitivity to odors.
  • Chairs with Arms – The Sanctuary has multiple chairs with arms located throughout the room. These chairs are available to assist people that need support for sit-to-stand movement.
  • Chair Cushions – Cushions are available on the left when you enter the Sanctuary to make the chairs a little more comfortable.
  • Braille Hymnals – For someone that is visually impaired and able to read Braille, there are hymnals available. Advanced notice is necessary to ensure hymnals are ready for use.

Providing assistive resources demonstrates UUCW’s dedication to promoting inclusion and ensuring that all members and visitors feel welcome and valued.