The current phase of the program, “Within”, focuses on the internal work each individual needs to explore race and the work for racial justice. This is different for White folks and for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC), and is done in race-based caucuses.

A personal note from Dave Cicero: While a more intensive experience than I had imagined, it has also been immensely enlightening and fulfilling. I came away from the Fall session more secure in my knowledge of what racial justice is about and of my role in it. I understand better, now, that this is all about right relationship – which is ongoing. I didn’t expect, at the end of the session, to feel especially good about being White. But a surprising outcome was a sense of confidence and pride in my own heritage. Reflecting on this led to seeing my capacity to be part of a better future for all. I highly recommend those with the time and inclination to take part.

Spring Term: March 16th to early June

Program Details:
– Course lessons & resources are made available every other week for you to explore at your own pace.
– Meet online with your small-group Learning Pod, also every other week as arranged with you, to further discuss and explore concepts.
– Attend large-group Meaning-Making sessions once a month for worship, reflection and further exploration.

Note: This is a virtual learning opportunity. Basic email, website, and Zoom meeting skills are needed. Dave Cicero is available to assist you.

Cost: $250 – BUT full and partial scholarships are available thanks, in part, to a grant from the UUCW Endowment Fund. (You may also pay more, to help fund scholarships for others.)

Please contact Dave Cicero, Lifespan Director of Religious Education, to register as part of a UUCW cohort.