What do Board Members Do?

Most boards of trustees of congregations, associations, and nonprofits are made up of people from different walks of life and varied professions.  People join our UUCW Board because they want to contribute in a meaningful way to our beloved community.  And we are grateful for their time, energies and talents.

Because our UUCW Nominating Committee is actively seeking members who will be elected to our Board in June of 2019, we thought it was important to communicate clear expectations about our board members’ roles and responsibilities.

The overarching role of the Board of Trustees at UUCW is to establish the direction and policies to serve the needs of our members and to uphold and live our Unitarian Universalist values.  The Board also has legal standing – they have a fiduciary responsibility, meaning that the financial well-being of the church is in their wheelhouse.

Here’s a list of ten general qualities and responsibilities of a Board member:

  1. Believe in and be an active advocate and ambassador for the values, mission, and vision of UUCW.
  2. Work with fellow board members to fulfill the obligations of board membership.
  3. Regularly attend board meetings and meetings of board task forces or committees to which they may be appointed.
  4. Prepare for these meetings by reviewing materials in advance and bringing the materials to meetings.
  5. Stay informed about UUCW, our issues and successes, and our connection to the community.
  6. Be generous in financial giving to UUCW.
  7. As appropriate, use personal and professional contacts and expertise to benefit the organization.
  8. Work in partnership with and respect the authority of UUCW leaders and staff.
  9. Agree to step down from board position if unable to fulfill these expectations.

The UUCW Board meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. All church members are welcome to attend Board meetings, and a time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for members to offer their thoughts.

Nominating Committee Now Seeking Candidates

Each year about this time the Nominating Committee begins seeking a slate of candidates for the board, nominating committee and endowment committee, to be installed the following June at the annual business meeting. This year we are seeking 3 for the board for 3-year terms, 3 for the nominating committee for 2-year terms and 2 for the endowment committee for 3-year terms, to replace those who will be leaving their positions.

If you think you might be interested in serving on the board, nominating committee and endowment committee, check out the table set up in the Community Room on Sundays, January 13th and 20th after services. Nominating Committee members will be present to answer your questions. For more information, contact Susan Endes, Nominating Committee Chair.