We are in a time of transition at UUCW and change involves reflecting on how we can best serve each other and the wider world.

Ahmad Perry has let us know he is consumed with pursuing his graduate studies in psychology and we are excited about his work helping the world this way. He is stepping off the board to make space to engage his education. Thank you, Ahmad, for your work on the Board. We are so grateful for what you give to UUCW.

We will be seeking to appoint a new board member to replace Ahmad’s position. Please send inquiries to me, Rob Zimmerman. People with interest or experience in governance, community building, non-profit management, and leadership are all welcome to inquire. We’d like to fill this position immediately. We are also filling many committees related to the work we are going to be doing in Interim Ministry. Please let me know if you want to help build our community back to all it can become.

This month has been busy having the handoff from the old board. Thank you, Lisa Larson, for sharing your thoughts with me in our handoff meeting. This transition has been larger than normal since we replaced five members of the last board at the close of the fiscal year. With Ahmad stepping off, we will replace one more. I appreciate how hard the previous boards have worked during the height of Covid.

We look forward to implementing more support and training for the upcoming year to help the Board do their work and partner with our Interim Ministry Process and minister, Rev. Julie Stoneberg. I am already working with the Exec Team and discussing with the Board more ways to implement greater transparency on the Board. I am excited that Rev. Julie has so much experience with transparency in congregational settings. The Stewardship Team showed us this past year how helpful that could be in developing our community. Thanks, RevD for teaching us how financial transparency can benefit us. Recently, I was at Jubilee training for anti-racism, and I learned how transparency is an anti-racist technique. I am looking forward to implementing more tools to support the 8th Principle.

I always welcome your ideas and feedback as well as your support. My life has changed significantly in the past six months. I know I need my community is supporting me as I do my best work to fulfill the mission of the congregation. Thank you for your kindness and grace.


Rob Zimmerman, UUCW Congregation President

Contact Rob via email here.