An Update by Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force

Great news! On February 7th after careful deliberation the UUCW Board of Trustees reached an important milestone for the Build 2020 project by unanimously agreeing to limit the budget for construction to the $1.2 million raised in the Build 2020 capital campaign.

Why is this an important milestone? Didn’t we already know we raised $1.2 million?

Yes. But during the planning stages we discovered it would cost $1.8 million to complete our major deferred maintenance projects as well as the other Build 2020 remodeling priorities. Because $1.2 million is the amount available from the capital campaign, the Board of Trustees considered the option of raising additional funds to complete the entire project now, rather than having some improvements wait until a later time. Board members sought advice from the Finance Committee, and agreed to limit the project cost to $1.2 million due to the effect borrowing money to finance the larger project would have on the overall financial health of UUCW. The Board also felt it wasn’t appropriate to hold a second capital campaign at this time to cover the extra costs.

Is it too late to increase my pledge for the Build 2020 Capital Campaign, or to make a new pledge if I haven’t done so already?

Of course not! It’s never too late to contribute to this important project. Contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator, to make a pledge or adjust an existing pledge. Since we are still in the planning stages any additional funds received will be put to good use and may expand the amount of work we can do. In fact, we can also accept donations of materials and/or labor if you are associated with a business that is in a position to do so. Please contact UUCW Treasurer Leslie Peterson if that is something you are interested in pursuing.

Which projects will be part of this phase of Build 2020?

The scope of the $1.2 million project includes upgrading the HVAC system, repairing the roof and parking lots, replacing the old windows, installing an elevator, remodeling the bathrooms on the main level, adding a new all-gender-inclusive bathroom, and remodeling the foyer.

What projects that were part of Build 2020 aren’t getting done now?

The major projects that aren’t being addressed now are the conversion of the main office and church administrator’s office to a library/café and conference room, respectively; remodeling the upper level into a suite of offices and conference rooms; remodeling and expanding the kitchen; and remodeling the lower level of the building. In addition, there are a number of lower-priority maintenance items that will be addressed at a later date.

What happens now?  When will construction begin?

Now that we have a budget we can launch the next phases of the project, which will include completion of the schematic designs, design development, preparation of construction documents, bidding, and determination of construction services. Berghammer Construction Corp. will then prepare the design-build contract with UUCW for the project. We expect construction will take place during the summer.

When can we see the plans?

As we move through the next phases of the project our architect will create detailed drawings of the work to be done, and we will share those with the congregation as soon as they are available.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, or simply want to discuss the project in more detail, contact Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force.