A message from Vicki Banville, Church Administrator

Have you been wondering what’s happening with the Build 2020 renovations? The project’s end is in sight!

Here’s what was completed in January:

  1. The elevator has been installed and is waiting for the final inspection.
  2. The ramp from the main west entrance to the Gathering Area was built.
  3. The flat roof which joins the older part of the building with the newer part had a new membrane installed.
  4. New doors were installed in the back of the Sanctuary and in room UL5.

Tasks yet to complete include:

  1. Controls for the new main HVAC system will be passed over to UUCW.
  2. The exterior doors at the main west entrance and the exterior doors at the top of the ramp in the lower level near the Gathering Area are installed but still require some final finishes.
  3. Railing for the ramp on the lower level.
  4. The elevator foyer on the main level will be finished with new flooring, ceiling, and paint.
  5. The elevator foyer and hallway on the lower level will be finished with new flooring, ceiling, and paint.
  6. Final cleaning and touch-ups will be completed around the building.

Artwork, signs, and name tags, oh my!

A Task Force of the UUCW Exec Team was created and will be working on artwork, signage, and placement of things like name tags, furniture, and other displays. Watch for updates!

If you have questions, or simply want to discuss the project in more detail, contact Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force.