Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force

What’s happening with the Build 2020 project?

After the Board of Trustees approved a $1.2 million project budget (which is the amount raised by the Build 2020 Capital Campaign) the Build 2020 Task Force worked with PRA – Plunkett-Raysich Architects, LLC  ( and Berghammer Construction Corp. to bring the scope of the project in line with the budget. The Build 2020 project includes upgrading the heating and air conditioning system, repairing the roof, installing an elevator, remodeling the bathrooms on the Main Level and adding a new all-gender-inclusive bathroom, and remodeling the east foyer. To meet the budget requirement the Task Force needed to defer window replacements to a later time and put off repairing the parking lots until after the upcoming reconstruction of North Avenue is completed. (For more about North Aveune reconstruction, go here: )

When can we see the plans? What will it look like?

Just like you, the Build 2020 Task Force can’t wait to see the architectural renderings of the completed project! PRA is preparing these, which will show the attributes of our remodeled building, as well as schematic drawings. They should be ready in early June. We will show the drawings to the congregation as soon as we can. In addition, Dan Effenheim, the PRA designer we are working with, will prepare a sample board of the preliminary materials chosen for the interior design, and that will be shown to everyone as soon as possible, too.

When will construction begin?

We expect construction will begin in June and last through the summer.  The UUCW staff are making plans for summer children’s program and nursery spaces, and you’ll be updated as soon as those plans are finalized. Our architects have worked with hundreds of congregations, so they know well how to work around Sunday schedules and other important events in the life of the community. But once construction has begun, certain areas of the building will be off limits at various times. Signs will clearly mark these areas. We will be finalizing the project bids very soon, and then the project schedule will be finalized.

Is it too late to increase my pledge for the Build 2020 Capital Campaign, or to make a new pledge if I haven’t done so already?

It’s never too late to contribute to this important project. Contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator, to make a pledge or adjust an existing pledge. Any additional funds received will be put to good use and may expand the amount of work we can do. We can also accept donations of materials and/or labor if you are associated with a business that is in a position to do so. Please contact UUCW Treasurer Leslie Peterson if that is something you are interested in pursuing.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, or simply want to discuss the project in more detail, contact Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force.