Guidelines for outdoor meetings this summer are under development

Wisconsin’s Badger Bounce-Back plan suggests that in-person meetings of ten people or less can take place safely, with social distancing (6 feet between people), good hand-hygiene, and mask-wearing.  The scientists studying the coronavirus note that meeting outdoors makes non-contact virus spread from one person to another far less likely, due to good airflow.  Does this mean UUCW’s outdoor areas are open for committees, groups and teams to meet?

THE ANSWER:  UUCW’s outdoor areas are NOT yet open for meetings!  It may seem simple, but ensuring the safety of UUCW members, friends, children, and staff requires paying attention to a considerable number of factors.  UUCW staff and leaders are developing guidelines and protocols that will make outdoor meetings, scheduling of outdoor meeting spaces, and access to in-person outdoor meetings by persons who may need to remain on-line attendees as equitable as possible and as safe as possible.  Please stay tuned!  We hope to have our guidelines and protocols available next week!

If you have questions, please contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator or the Rev. Suzelle Lynch.