Most people already are balancing work and family. Now they need to find time to shop, decorate, and celebrate the season in various ways. Also, some wonder how they can afford to give their children a memorable holiday. Probably the major stress factor for many is family dynamics. Why, when the family is together, does your sister Sally revert to a spoiled ten-year-old? Why is it that Aunt Julie and Aunt Marge, two intelligent women, have refused to talk to each other for ten years? And who is going to help Uncle Bob now that he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

There is help for these people who are stressed out over the holidays. The Lay Pastoral Care Team is a group of trained, confidential, non-judgmental listeners who will not offer advice. Talking about the stresses they are under, individuals feel relieved and often find their own solutions to their problems.

Individuals may seek support for themselves, or a friend or family member may suggest that the Lay Pastoral Team contact the person. A team member will make an initial phone call to introduce himself or herself and Lay Pastoral Care services, and to ask if this would be helpful. Contact Lay Pastoral Care or call Rev. Suzelle Lynch via the church office. All inquiries will be handled confidentially.