2020-21 Pledge Drive — LEAP!

2020-05-14T20:52:25-05:00February 20th, 2020|E-News|

It's time to support UUCW with your financial pledge for 2020-21. The past year has been amazing for UUCW Here's a  few highlights: We’ll soon complete the Build 2020 renovations on our beloved building – bringing us greater comfort, sustainability, [...]

UUCW Celebrates February Membership Anniversaries

2020-02-12T18:03:46-06:00February 12th, 2020|E-News|

Congratulations to UUCW Members celebrating these anniversaries: 1 year: Kristin Busse and Lynda Westbrook. 2 years: Katie Petitt, Steve Schaffer, Lauryl Schaffer, Carolyn Ruck, Melissa Anderson, Sofia Delgado, Thayer German-Fisher, Hayley German-Fisher, Kaleena Frankulin, and Chris Frankulin. 10 years: Kathy [...]

Earth Ministry Tip for January

2020-01-02T01:30:13-06:00January 2nd, 2020|E-News|

Be Responsible When Applying Winter Salt Melting ice and snow carries salt to storm drains leading to our rivers and lakes. Once it enters a body of water it doesn’t go away. High salinity is toxic to aquatic life, birds, [...]

Drivers Needed!

2019-11-27T17:58:13-06:00November 27th, 2019|E-News|

Are you coming to church on Sunday anyways? Pick up a fellow congregant on your way to UUCW! Currently we have people in the following areas needing rides: Hart Park Square 99th and North Ave (2 people) Hawley and Valley [...]