Summer REflections

A  Message from Marsha Thrall, Religious Education Coordinator Summer is here! And with summer comes a host of family activities that often take attention away from Religious Education at UUCW. During my time here, I’ve been told that “Unitarians take the summer off.” But in Religious Education, at least as far as planning is concerned, [...]

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June is a Month for Beauty

A Message from Rev. Suzelle "Seek not afar for beauty; lo, it glows in dew-wet grasses all about your feet, in birds, in sunshine, childish faces sweet, in stars and mountain summits topped with snows…" Those words from Hymn #77 in our grey hymnal, "Singing the Living Tradition" come to my mind when I consider [...]

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Build 2020 Update: Getting Closer to Construction!

Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force What’s happening with the Build 2020 project? After the Board of Trustees approved a $1.2 million project budget (which is the amount raised by the Build 2020 Capital Campaign) the Build 2020 Task Force worked with PRA - Plunkett-Raysich Architects, LLC  ( and Berghammer Construction Corp. [...]

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We Are a People of Curiosity!

A Message from Rev. Suzelle  Here at UUCW for the month of May, our Soul Matters theme is curiosity. Curiosity, that inner drive to know, and to know more — our “inner questioner” who always wants to know WHY — that’s what our Soul Circle and other groups will be exploring, and what we’ll note [...]

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Time Has Flown By

Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson, Intern Minister I remember well sitting in the sanctuary during worship service right after finding out that the UUCW Board had approved my request to be your first intern minister. I wondered: who are these people, will I know them, what will I learn, and will they accept me as a minister? [...]

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DreamBikes is the Split the Plate Recipient for May

DreamBikes is a non-profit organization of bicycle stores operating in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods to refurbish used bikes, return them to the community, and provide hands-on, paid job training to youth ages 15-21. Working in conjunction with local youth organizations, DreamBikes employs teens from the area to work in their store. Local teen employees learn how [...]

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May is UU Wellspring Month!

It’s spring! Nature is blooming and budding all around us.  UU Wellspring is blooming, too! We’re at a table in the Community Room each Sunday during May, inviting you to consider participation in this deeply meaningful experience. UU Wellspring is a 10-month journey of spiritual exploration, guidance and deepening for Unitarian Universalists. The UU Wellspring [...]

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UUCW Seeking a Temporary Administrative Assistant (3-5 months)

An Administrative Assistant is needed to fill in for our current Administrative Assistant, Mamie Garner who is away on maternity leave. The position is available immediately so it is important to find someone who can step in quickly. The schedule is 9-3 pm Tuesday-Friday. Customer service skills and knowledge of technology is required. If you [...]

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UUCW Hiring Additional Sound and Set-Up Person

The church is seeking a part-time employee to join our Sexton Team. A Sexton’s schedule is based on church activities; however, the Sexton will work at least one Sunday per month. Responsibilities include operating the sound system, lighting, and audio-visual equipment for services and events. The Sexton may also be scheduled to set up and/or [...]

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