Scrap Metal Program Continues

The Earth Ministry and Stewardship committees have joined forces to collect and recycle scrap metal to encourage greater recycling and to raise funds for UUCW. Please bring in beverage and food aluminum and stainless-steel cans that have been thoroughly cleaned. Other metal products that you no longer need are also accepted, such as metal shears, [...]

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Build 2020 Update

From Phil Kroner, Build 2020 Task Force Chair The Build 2020 Team knows that many of our members and friends have questions about what's happening with our upcoming renovations. Here are some that folks have asked, and our current answers. I’m new to UUCW. What are we planning to do to the building, and why? [...]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Activities in Waukesha and Milwaukee

Sunday, January 20, after 9:15 and 11:00 am services - "Freedom Walk" Unitarian Universalist Church West, follow the signs to UL4  This month, while exploring the impact of the Black Church Experience upon the Civil Rights Movement, and the continuing “Call to Justice” of the Poor People’s Campaign and Black Lives Matter Movements, UUCW’s middle school [...]

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Intern Insight

Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson, Intern Minister What do you remember about your teen years, your adolescence? I remember the thrill of independence, being able to ride my bike to the store completely alone-an autonomous shopper. Though it was just to the local Farm and Fleet, I had to cross the highway and I was completely unsupervised!  [...]

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2018 Holiday Services

Sunday, December 9th — 9:15 and 11:00 am     "Season of Mysteries - Holiday Music Service" Featuring the UUCW Adult Choir, Multigenerational Choir, Jennifer Nicolosi, Lead Music Director; and Ruben Piirainen, Music Director; with the Rev. Suzelle Lynch and Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson, Intern Minister The winter holiday season is full of beauty and mystery. We [...]

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The Rev. Suzelle Lynch’s Monthly Column – December

"Every time a bell rings, another angel gets its wings." Ring-a-ling!  Ding, dong, merrily on high…  Sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling… The holiday season is full of bell-sounds that herald the arrival of joys great and small.       But I think the best bells are the ones little Zuzu Bailey speaks of in Frank Capra's classic Christmas [...]

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Transportation is a Justice Issue

Transportation is a real justice issue and promoting Regional Transportation Authorities (RTA) is a real solution. Low-income people, workers, the elderly and people with disabilities are among those most affected by lack of transportation options. Because of segregation practices of the past 75 years, lack of transportation disproportionately affects people of color who live in [...]

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Shop Local This Gift-Giving Season

This year, during the gift-giving season, UUCW’s middle school “Call to Justice” RE group is learning about meaningful gift-giving, especially as it ties into the UU Second Principle of “justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.” As part of this “Call to Action” initiative, our 6th – 8th graders have compiled a list of “Local [...]

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SEWUUC Fruit & Nut Sale

Buy your Fruits & Nuts Now!! Each year the Southeast Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist Congregations (SEWUUC) sponsors the selling of delicious chocolates, nuts, dried fruits, and snacks. The sale proceeds go towards purchasing spots on local public radio stations. This generates visits to the SEWUUC website (www.sewuuc.org) which in turn directs visitors to individual congregations. Please [...]

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Find Inner Peace with Lay Pastoral Care Team

October is such a beautiful month with chilly clear days, filled with vibrant colors. Normally, you would be looking forward to going to football games, to closing up the cottage, or maybe spending a last weekend camping.  But not this year.  Now the goblins of worry are scurrying around in your mind.  Do you have [...]

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Our Financial Pledge Drive for 2018-19 It’s time to commit your financial support for the upcoming fiscal year! At UUCW we budget modestly and spend carefully. But to keep up with the rising costs of everything involved in running a church – from copier paper to personnel, we are seeking a 2% increase in [...]

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DUUversity Theatre Group: 2017-18 Season

The DUUversity Theatre Group invites you to join fellow UUCW members and friends in attending and discussing Sunday afternoon theater in the Milwaukee area. After each play, the group gathers at a nearby restaurant for lively conversation about the play’s theme and its connection to current issues. Plays are picked from local productions that [...]

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