As part of November’s Metal Month theme, UUCW held a Change 4 Change collection to raise funds for the technology needed for our new multi-platform worship experience. At the November 21st service, attendees were invited to pour their coins into the large container at the front of the Sanctuary. People brought coins scraped from the bottoms of purses and pockets or found in washing machines and under couch cushions. Others brought containers in which coins are gathered all year. Even the Religious Education youth held a collection in the lower level to participate in this collective giving experience.


Six UUCW members then gathered at church the following week to sort through all the coins and look for any currency that was worth more than its face value. Thank you to those who purposely or by chance included some older-than-expected coins. Those special coins when purchased by collectors from the congregation had a face value of $12.85 but netted a donation of $193.51. Almost magically, $12.85 became $193.51, a 1500% increase.


Some unique finds were Indian Head Cents, a Buffalo Nickel, numerous Lincoln Wheat Cents, as well as many silver Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, Franklin Half Dollars, and Kennedy Half Dollars. The oldest coin found was an 1899 Indian Head Cent and the newest were numerous 2021 Washington Quarters featuring the new one-year design.  


The large containers of remaining coins were taken to the bank and counted. The bank tellers were amazed at the size of the collection. The coin total was $1023.59! After adding the $193.51 earned from selling the valuable coins and including $280 in paper cash that was also donated that Sunday, the grand total of the Change 4 Change collection was $1,497.10. Thank you to all who donated their change and appreciation also goes to the team of volunteer counters, sorters, and coin researchers – Kristen and Ebbie Weber-Duggins, Dave Herrewig, Kristin Fewel, Spencer Harris, and Carolyn Ruck.

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For more information about Change 4 Change, contact Vicki Banville, Curch Administrator.