Preliminary results?  Generosity Overflowing!

Last Sunday, November 21, we asked you to bring penny jars, change cups, and piggy banks to church and contribute their contents to help UUCW fund the technology we’ve purchased for worship service live streaming and multi-platform meetings.  And you responded with joy and enthusiasm.

The coins we collected included a generous contribution from the children and families in our Religious Education program, and the overall coin collection (plus a few bills from donors who did not have change) filled a giant jar about ten by sixteen inches to overflowing. There also were multiple baggies of coins that we simply could not squeeze in the container. Visualize this: the coin jar was so heavy it took two adult men to lift, and it had to be transported to a secure location by hand truck.

As people were bringing their coins to the collection jar, Rev. Suzelle asked for their stories. Change was found under couch cushions, car cup-holders, and junk drawers. Some said they usually saved the change for vacation spending, but were generously bringing it to UUCW instead.  The stories showed how much fun people had with the Change for Change idea.

The next step in our Change for Change process is to screen for rare coins, then our bank will count the full collection. We should be able to announce the contribution total by next week.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to Change for Change from your Stewardship Committee: Leslie Peterson, Chair; Lynn Kapitan, Jean Baker, Vicki Banville, Church Administrator; and Revs. Suzelle Lynch and Denise Cawley.

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