We Love Our Chili-Makers! These chili-makers are already fine-tuning their recipes for veggie, white, and traditional chili. Read their stories of cooking inspiration.

Contestant #1 Jeanne Jarecki – “Quinta Inspired Chili”
Cooking history: “Love cooking and entertaining.”
Chili story: “My son runs an organic farm called Quinta-MKE in Delavan WI. I will cook with veggies from his farm and get farm-raised meat from a nearby farm.”

Contestant #2 Kal Larson -“No Recipe Chili”
Cooking history: “Been making Chili for over 40 years and no 2 batches are ever the same.”
Chili story: “My Chili making stemmed from large quantities of tomatoes in my garden.”

Contestant #3 Terese Dineen – “Light on the Beans”
Cooking history: “I’ve been cooking for family and work families for a long time.”
Chili story: “It’s my favorite, it’s light on the beans.”

Contestant #4 Julie Gaetano
Cooking history: “I don’t care for cooking but I will make chili or bake for a fun event.” 
Chili story: “My chili story is that I have been suspicious of what ingredients are used in my family chili cook-offs. Made my own to be sure that I could comfortably enjoy a bowl of chili at those family events.”

Contestant #5 Susan Endes – “Vegan Chili Mac”
Cooking history: “I’ve been cooking since I married at age 18 – a long time ago! I like the creativity and satisfaction of cooking a dish or a meal to share, especially when it turns out to be a favorite. My mother had the greatest influence on my cooking, making most things from scratch and teaching me along the way to make pies, bread, stews, soups, and desserts. We always had desserts. One of my daughters is vegan, and I’ve been learning to cook and eat vegan, recently.”
Chili story: “The recipe is a combination of recipes I’ve discovered and experimented with, half the fun of cooking!”

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